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DRUMACHINE R8 is your virtual drumkit to
keep you on time.
Beat your tracks to life with DRUMACHINE.

With 8 pages of parameters your kit is as
versitile as it gets. From 909 to plain weird,
and with it's build in pitch shifter your rythmic content will never be the same.

Purchase DRUMACHINE R8 now for only $0.00
and get a DRECEIVE R8 effect unit included for free.
  • 14 drums
• Bassdrum, snaredrum, closed highhat, shaker, handclaps, lo tom & ride cymbal
• Bassdrum, rimshot, open highhat, rev. shaker, cowbell, hi tom & ride cymbal
• Real time synthesis
• Monophonic synthesizer
• Quality sound
• Build in pitch shifter
• Comes with free DRECEIVE R8 effect
• 72 drum parameters for total control

Download - Requirements
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• Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
• 1,5 GHz G4 or faster
• Pluggo runtime 3.6
• VST, RTAS or AU host
• Logic doesn't work
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